Baji Rout is the youngest Martyr of India

Baji Rout is the youngest martyr of India. This 12 yr old boat boy was shot dead by British police when he courageously denied to ferry them across the Brahmani River on the night of 11th October 1938 at Nilakanthapur Ghat, Bhuban, Dhenkanal district.

Baji Rout was the youngest son of a boatman on the Brahmani river. As an active member of the Banar Sena of Prajamandal (Party of People), He had volunteered to keep watch by the river at night. The British Police force ordered him to cross the river by his Boat which he denied. The police force became revengeful and fired Baji Rout along with Laxman Mallik and Fagu Sahoo.

In memory of the youngest martyr of India, Utkala Cultural Association at IIT Bombay honors one Odia youth with ‘Baji Rout Samman’ each year on Utkala Divasa (Odisha Day) as an emerging talent in different fields like arts, science, social work, entrepreneurship etc. Miss. Sniti Mishra was honored with ‘Baji Rout Samman’ for the year 2016 for her achievements in music industry.

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